A documentary film about
Tulku Tenzin Delek

Created by:
Elinore Burke &
Tsering Ngodup


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Tsering Ngodup Khando works for the Tibetan refugee center in Dharamsala. During his free time he paints Tulku Tenzin Delek's image with a message reading, Sentenced to Die - You can save my life - on T-shirts, bags, umbrellas, bikes and the walls of buildings in Dharamsala. He has been doing these paintings free of charge for tourists coming to Dharamsala with the hope that the message will be taken back to their various countries and more people will learn of Tenzin Delek's situation and be moved to act on his behalf.
Elinore Burke is an American video artist living in Berlin with a background in experimental video creation and documentary filmmaking. After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1996 with a focus on Media art, she lived in New York City for nearly 5 years, collaborating with filmmakers and dancers using film and live video. In 2001 Elinore moved to Berlin and began work with puppeteers creating multi-media performances. In May 2004, Elinore arrived in the Himilayas from southern India where she had been working as a camera person on a documentary about ODANADI, an organization set up to help sex workers and their families. After shooting the video for the Tulku Tenzin Delek project, she returned to Berlin and is currently completing the film and preparing new projects. She has exhibited works in the US, Europe, India and the Middle East.